Saturday, August 27, 2005

One End of "The Road"

Taken from the Juneau Empire:

  • The Road: There are lots of roads, but The Road is the long one that runs north and south. Called Egan Drive between downtown and the valley; north of there it's called either the Veterans Memorial Highway or Glacier Highway. Nobody is sure which, so we call it The Road. Past Auke Bay, people call it Out The Road, as in "The sun shines more Out The Road." It dead-ends halfway to Haines about 40 miles north of downtown.
So there you have it folks. The picture is from the other dead end of The Road (south of downtown Juneau.)
The "road" you see in the picture is actually a private driveway. I particularly like the way we have to put a sign up indicating that this is indeed the end of the road. Are the big turn around, the end of pavement, and private drive sign not enough of a hint?

Oh, and for the record, the sun does indeed shine more Out the Road!


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