Saturday, January 14, 2006

Photo Friday: Success

During college both Heather and I shot competitive pistol. We had some successes and enjoyed it a lot. In case you're wondering, Heather has the two gold and I have the other four. That's her gun in the back which is an updated model of the one used to win three of my medals and one of hers. I was also invited to compete in the 2000 Olympic qualifying matches and ended up going to the first match where I found out the difference between 'collegiate class' and 'world class'. At least I didn't finish last. While we've lost the edge we had back then (5-6 days of shooting per week will give you quite an edge), we still enjoy going to the range. You can find out more about collegiate / Olympic style shooting by visiting USA Shooting.


At January 15, 2006, Blogger Heather Neely said...

See if I leave you in charge of my blog again!

At January 15, 2006, Blogger nick.n said...

It's been fun so far. It'll be interesting to see what the next couple weeks bring. Hug.


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