Friday, March 03, 2006

Mendenhall Glacier

We've been having great weather here in Juneau. I can't remember the last time that it was raining! Yesterday was no exception, so Nick and I decided that we would walk out to the glacier while Mendenhall Lake is still frozen. It was maybe a mile walk out across the lake, and we were able to walk all the way up to the glacier--and even into some of the cracks. It's hard to tell scale of the glacier on the above picture, so I posted the one to the right as well. The color of the glacier is blue because the ice is so compressed that there is no oxygen in it. Touching the surface felt like you were touching glass it was so smooth.


At March 04, 2006, Anonymous Laura said...

Wow. For once in my short life, I am utterly speachless. This photo is amazing. You guys live in such a beautiful place, it's nice to see you enjoying it so much. I finally got a camera, so I'll try to get some photos of the fam up to you.

At March 06, 2006, Blogger John said...

Wonderful! Now to find a glass of iced tea big enough . . .


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