Friday, May 19, 2006

Three Generations

My Mom and Nana came to town for the past week. It was pretty amazing, for three weeks we worried that the weather would stink (it had been raining profusely). They arrived and the next day we had SUN! And not just one day of sun....we had good weather for pretty much the whole week. I think Spring is finally here.
They were our first guests since we moved here, and from what they said we were very nice to them (I guess that feeding them and not making them go on a 6 mile hike is "very nice"). Regardless, we had a good time showing off Juneau and hanging out.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Our first cruise ship of the season arrived yesterday here in Juneau. I've been told that the past two years, this time of May was absolutely perfect--about 70 degrees and sunny. From the picture you can see that is not the case this year. And no, that's not a warm rain--it's been in the 40's. The last day of April we actually had about 2 inches of snow. SNOW? It's Spring! To me it feels like winter is starting all over again, not ending. I'm ready for blue sky, unfortunately the forecast (rain, rain, light rain, showers, rain) doesn't look so good.